Jan. 28 – Mar. 26


“I’m interested in the universal and iconic, both light and dark. California and The West is my ground. A place where the mundane and spectacular live side by side against ever-present mythological themes of hope, life and death. A dark and sunny place — so very dangerous, sexy and romantic. I admit it. I have western lust.” — Eric Nash

Opening reception Jan. 28, 2023, 6-11 p.m.

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Oct. 8 – Dec. 18


Photographer Matt Wessen (b. 1982 in Los Angeles, California) extracts the moods and movements of two circadian occurrences we all have the opportunity to witness every day: the sunrise and the sunset. Typically thought of as either impossible to capture in a way that’s true to the experience — or else clichéd and sentimental — Wessen instead uses abstraction to organize a daily ritual into a show that is colorful, bold and graphic, more akin to a PANTONE color book than nature photography.

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