Apr 16 – Jun 5


COMPOSITE began as a fixation on understanding and perfecting a chair form archetype—and then it morphed into a worship of material and light. In short, artistic duo Jeremy Rocine and Nik Mercer search for beauty in mundanity by rendering an otherwise common and everyday object completely useless (thus, the “Don’t Sit” slogan). By eliminating its practical purpose, all that is left is joyfully ridiculous yet austere beauty.

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Mar 19・6 PM

Viscera/Epiphora Closing Reception

Join us in the backyard for an outdoor evening of sound and movement inspired by our current exhibition,Viscera/Epiphora. Performances by Carolyn Pennypacker Riggs, Jobel Medina, Stephanie Aston, and Mindy Ella Chu.


Jan 15 – Mar 20


Viscera/Epiphora highlights four artists — Akari Uragami, Lara Wilson, Audra Wolowiec, Shawna X — who use their work to explore kinetic experiences of both body and mind as transcribed through bound textiles, water-inspired sound scores, isolating but resilient choreography, and futurist graphics.

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