Katie Giritlian

Dance Lessons


DANCE LESSONS is a series of workshops and interviews that give space and time to intersections of artistic and scholarly practices which work from body-based inquiry. The curatorial questions that drive DANCE LESSONS concern the sensate body, partner dancing, pedagogy and the critical network alive in trans-disciplinary practices and inter-personal contact.

DANCE LESSONS will occur in winter and spring 2021, over a series of four virtual conversations with visiting artists. The intersections, edges and dialogues that happen within the DANCE LESSONS will be archived through the production and circulation of a publication.

Feb 7 : Lai Yi Ohlsen
Feb 28 : Salimatu Amabebe
March 7: Cherrie Yu
March 14 : hannah rubin

Curated by Katie Giritlian and Kim Upstill.

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