Beth McGil

Portable Dances Vol.1: Motif Notation Chapbook


by Beth McGill

Motivated by the mission to share and spread dance-notator voices more widely, Language of Dance© Master Practitioner and Teacher Trainer, Beth Megill, gathered a group of interested dance makers to foster a first-of-its-kind collection of Motif Notation dance scores. Sharing voices across the globe, this book invites readers to pick a score and uncover a world of storytelling, meaning, technique, and culture unique to each notator. The collection is put together in the form of a chapbook with accessibility in mind. A chapbook is traditionally a small collection of poetry or fiction, simply bound so it can be sold and shared readily. This collection of dances and dance excerpts is just that. Ranging from beginning to advanced Motif Notation scores, this portable chapbook is one to be treasured and danced through time and time again.

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