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Stephen Milner Print No. 7

Stephen Milner Print No. 7

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Edition: 1/5

The photographs in “A Spiritual Good Time” are reprinted from various surfing and gay porn magazines published before 1990. The artist’s attraction isn’t to the original images as a whole, but to the small and nuanced details that were never their intended focal points. Surf editorial photography created for print magazines tends to have repetitive editorial tropes, and focuses on the larger landscape of the perfect wave with the surfer hero riding in the center. When cut out and re-contextualized, they reveal a whole new sentiment, subverting the narrative from the original context. These appropriated images from mass-printed surf culture are a meditation on the perpetual pursuit of pleasure. They blend fear, desire and intimacy within a sport that often focuses on the heterosexual male-on-female gaze, hyper-masculinity, localism and the gossamer-tipped dream of all-inclusiveness and spirituality.

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