Group Show · Imaginary Landscapes

April 8, 2023 - June 4, 2023 

Group Show: Allegra Pacheco, Amy Kim Keeler, Emily Silver, Joshua Almendinger, Mary Jeys, Tynan Kerr 

Special outdoor collaboration with photographer Letitia Younger and floral designer Jack Crow Buckley

Opening reception:
April 8, 2023
6–10 pm
8 pm performances by sound artist Michael Bailey | Temporal Emissions with light projections by Denny Bales

Imaginary Landscapes 

As the home of Compound YV, Joshua Tree and its surrounding areas are fantastical, from the arid textures to the signature spiky flora to views that continue for miles. “Imaginary Landscapes” invites six artists to reflect this wildness, either by retreating into the wild of their brains and bodies, or transforming the gallery into its own immersive world that invites the viewer into a state of play.