Alrik Yuill · Desert Exposition: Verdure & Pink

May 10, 2018 – May 27, 2018 

Artist Alrik Yuill 

Desert Exposition: Verdure & Pink

Desert Exposition: Verdure & Pink is a color-infused collection of works by Costa Mesa-based artist Alrik Yuill. The show is a collection of sculpture, paintings, drawing and mixed media by the surfer/shaper who grew up frequenting the Mojave Desert. 

“In February, my girlfriend started bringing flowers by the studio,” Yuill said, describing a mixed-media series on paper of flowers drawn in vases, a main component of the show. The flowers feel at once common and, in this place known more for its thorns than for its blooms, exotic. The works appear frequently, intermittently placed among Yuill’s larger, more abstract paintings.

Behind each bouquet, a line references both the horizontal of the countertop and divides oppositional, yet connected words: “Pink/Green.” “Meet/Meat.” “Some- thing/Nothing.” Yuill continues: “It’s as if these works have been a portrait of her, and then they became an extension of shared feeling as well as a personal journal or visual poem.”