July 2020 · Virtual Drawing Session with Nick Nazmi

In the drawing session, conducted via zoom, participants were given the following prompt as they created art in their homes: 

Ask the participants to envision a very specific location that they haven't been to before but know it's important to them (a different country, a friend's apartment in another city, your future garden), or a location that they've been to before and no longer have easy access to (a childhood home, a park in a different state, a body of water).

Try to visualize the space, what objects are there, what colors, what kind of movement? Don't worry about why you can't access it anymore. Let's take these images, however vague or specific they may be, and transport it onto your surface (paper, canvas, wood, etc) with your medium (ink, pencil, watercolor, or any paint, etc) however abstract or figurative you want to be.