Group Show · EPITATTS

Feb. 4, 2021 – May 14, 2021

Group Show: Aaron Poritz, Nathaniel DeLarge, and Raine Trainor 


Epitatts is a new mortological advancement in tattoo ink, only to be activated
upon death, when the display substrate (skin) of the tattooee’s body
temperature dips below 15°C/59°F.

Many utilize the tattooing medium as a way to memorialize a loved one or a
salient moment in their life marking a change or impact. But these markings
are permanent, aside from a rigorous removal process. Many are afraid to
commit to such a lasting addition to their corporeal being. This is where
Epitatts pave way for a whole new demographic to explore the idea of somatic

The tattooing process can often be considered therapeutic or cathartic.
Oftentimes a single tattoo can require multiple sessions that can last hours on
end. “Therapeutic” hours are 55 minutes long leaving 5 minutes for the
counselor to catch their breath between clients. We seek to continue this thread
by including investigations into the psyche as a strategy to develop tattoo
designs that the customer can not openly live with. Epitatts will be invisible
until death, marking the secret’s safe passage into the afterlife.