Philippine de Richemont · Remind Me

Nov. 20, 2020 – Dec 18, 2020 (Virtual) 

Philippine de Richemont

Remind Me 

What you see is what has moved me. My emotion, my colors, my inner world. Expressed through the medium of my hand. In its raw form.

Beyond the «finished» product – because, to me, there is no such thing as finished – there is my imagination, pure and raw. I create, instinctively.  What moves me at the moment. And what moves me now may not move me later – in that case, I go back to the original work. I like the work to be constantly in progress. 

I use color as a way to create impact, visual memory. I am moved by the interaction of colors, how one medium will merge into another. I am deeply intrigued by the unexpected. 

I use black and white as a way to communicate Light, Contrast and Density.  What I believe will be more powerful without the use of color. Black and white is in no way a shortcut to completion. To me it is even harder than color as it more brutally honest and sometimes less seductive / approachable.

It is important for me to allow the imagination to travel, build up internally.

I have always been influenced by comedy, by ballet and any form of dance. I am attracted to the ability of the human face and body to move and create.

I create because it makes me feel good. I create because I like beauty. I create because I like harmony and disharmony at the same time. 

I like to avoid the «pretty,» the «expected,» and I aim for the «weird,» the «exaggerated,» the «powerfully grotesque.» But I am able to simplify the line to create harmony if I wish. I believe that, beyond all forms of interpretation, a deep understanding of how we are made is essential. Understanding how and why allows the imagination to travel (once again...).

Artist Bio 

Born in Paris in 1989. Philippine de Richemont holds a master’s degree in Graphic Design & Photography from ESAG-Penninghen (2012), complemented by an education abroad in Photography, Graphic Design and Screen Printing at the California College of Art in San Francisco (2011). She is an artist with multiple faces. From bold and colorful to powerful monochromes, she is an artist inspired by the constant movement of our world.