For interior designers

One of our greatest joys is to see artwork go from the walls of our gallery — or directly from our local community of artists — into your clients' home. Please get in touch to learn about how we work with designers and what we can offer on an ongoing basis.

Image: Print by Compound co-founder, Michael Townsend, in a project by Marea Clark Interiors.

For collectors at any level

Whether you own, rent, or rent out your home as an investment, you and your guests deserve to experience art as we do — with new works gracing our space regularly. Ask us about our lease-to-own subscription service where you can access or begin an art collection for a low monthly fee. After a year, choose whether to purchase or swap out your choices for something you love just as much.

Image: Works by Lindsey Porter from 'Micro/Macro,' 2020, featured in Homes & Gardens. Design by Hicks Cazenave Interior Design. Photo by Vivian Johnson.