Alisha Sofia · Rest and Retreat

Oct 24th, 2020 – Nov 20, 2020 (Virtual) 

Alisha Sofia 

Rest and Retreat 

Rest and Retreat is a series of paintings, drawings, and prints created before and during Alisha’s COVID-19 quarantine. She began experimenting with the iPad pro, linocut printing, oils, and her preferred medium, watercolors. The watercolors are made with pigments she has found nearby and while traveling. This body of work focuses on the stillness of the characters during a time of introspection and solitude. Though the subjects appear quiet, there is a sense of unease and hesitation within their posture and expression. This feeling is translated through the gestural line work within each medium.

About the artist: 

Alisha Sofia’s practice focuses on the female form as both creator and artifact of visual identity. Her subjects, partially or completely nude, are surrounded by a rich symbolic lexicon of food, plants, and animals. Refusing objectification, they are calmly defiant: their power, strength, and intimate detail command engagement. Sofia’s technical strength and command of her materials allows the subtleties of each personality to emerge from her paintings.

Alisha Sofia was featured on our podcast, Art Personals.