Mary Jeys

High-Rise, Days 583-585


22 x 16.5", watercolor on paper mounted on board

Mary Jeys is an interdisciplinary artist and activist. Her work uses modes, like play, to introduce a new approach to a difficult or complex subject. Through setting up scenarios and conditions to activate materials with a slow perception of change, her work invites our perceptions to shift. If imperceptible, the change can be experienced rather than understood.

"As a reaction to confinement and a sense of scarcity, along with the desire for self-sufficiency, I committed to working on sheets of watercolor paper and showed up daily to the page...As I continue to work in this way, daily, for years I have observed that water is more than a method for depositing pigment on paper, but an emotionally charged medium related to the body. It constitutes memories of tears, sweat, saliva and discharges. The dates in the titles correspond to the days counted since this series started." 

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