Matt Wessen

Scorched Dawn Triptych - Scorched Dawn II Giclée Print


Scorched Dawn II (2010), 24" x 28" giclée print with 3" border, $750 

Each print is available as an edition of 3 in three sizes: 18” x 21” with 2” border, 24” x 28” with 3” border, and 36” x 42.5” with 4” border.

This piece is a part of the Scorched Dawn triptych, which also includes Scorched Dawn I, and Scorched Dawn III

Photographer Matt Wessen (b. 1982 in Los Angeles, California) extracts the moods and movements of two circadian occurrences we all have the opportunity to witness every day: the sunrise and the sunset. Typically thought of as either impossible to capture in a way that’s true to the experience — or else clichéd and sentimental — Wessen instead uses abstraction to organize a daily ritual into a show that is colorful, bold and graphic, more akin to a PANTONE color book than nature photography. Made using giclée print.


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